Since 1987, Glanda has developed into a more versatile company that has been able to manufacture protective apparel for a wide range of different purposes.  Originally, Glanda began by manufacturing disposable coveralls, and then evolved into a maker of predominantly wet and cold weather apparel.  In more recent years, Glanda has branched out further by manufacturing fire retardant apparel and chemicial protective garments, along with continuing to flourish in the wet and cold weather market.

To represent this recent evolution of Glanda, we have updated our company logo.  For years our logo has clearly represented our specialisation in wet and cold weather apparel through the blue and white colour scheme and winter mountain tops.  The new logo still features our classic mountain design, but also displays a flaming landscape, including an oil rig, representing our specialisation in FR and chemical apparel.



New Glanda Logo as of 2015


Glanda Logo Large 25.11.2010

Previous Glanda logo used from 1993-2014