Glanda founded in 1987

  • 1987 - The Beginning

    Glanda began manufacturing disposable coveralls from a small factory in Heidelberg West
  • 1992 - Change of Product

    After noticing a niche in the wet weather market, Glanda diversified into manufacturing industrial wet weather apparel, therefore was licenced by W.L. Gore to produce Gore-Tex wet weather apparel
  • 1992 - New Operations Manager

    Glanda's Operation Manager joins the company
  • 1993 - On the move

    Glanda moves into a larger factory in Heidelberg West, keeping close to its beginnings
  • 1997 - Growth

    Glanda moves into cold weather apparel, manufacturing windproof, and more specialised wet weather garments
  • 2004 - Glanda Wins Federal Contract

    Glanda wins federal contract to supply specialised cold weather apparel
  • 2008 - Automated Cutting Technology

    Glanda invests in modern cutting technology in order to stream line its quality and production
  • 2009 - Defence Contract

    Glanda wins defence contract
  • 2013 - Glanda Expansion

    Glanda moves into new facility to accommodate growth
  • 2015 - New Business Manager

    Glanda's Business Manager joins the company