The right fabric for the right end use:

All fabrics we use in our garments have been carefully selected to perform in the use for which they are intended. Other than waterproofness there are many variables in the selection of fabrics including wear resistance, fire retardancy, anti static and chemical resistance.

The intended end use is described on each of our garments.


Functional design

After choosing the right fabric, care must be taken in designing the garment to be waterproof as well as having the appropriate functionality for the desired end use. This involves understanding the specific requirements of the end use and applying waterproof design principles to it. People working in theelectricity industry have very different needs from people working in Antarctica who have very different needs from police.

All Glanda garments are designed in-house by our experienced designer. This means that the garment will work functionally as well as looking good.


Waterproof seams

Seam tape is used to ensure that the many seams in a garment are sealed tight. If this is not done, or if it is not done well, a garment will quickly become wet inside.