Garment Construction.


PTFE is chemically inert, which means TORANT® membranes are the perfect foundation for creating garments that resist contamination from chemical and biological hazards.


The microporous structure of TORANT® PTFE membranes can feature pores that are about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, which means no water can penetrate them. A similar structure is used in fabrics that are required to resist dangerous liquids. TORANT® fabrics can be engineered to resist blood, body fluids, many common chemicals, and petroleum-based products.


In environments where exposure to liquid chemicals (anything from DEET to jet fuel) is a risk, conventional barriers often break down and become porous.


TORANT® Laminates

The expanded-PTFE membrane, which provides liquid chemical penetration resistance and moisture vapor permeability, is bonded between an outer fabric and an inner liner to become one fabric. The outer and inner fabric layers protect the membrane. The result is an extremely durable, three-layer fabric construction.


Seam Tape

Seams and stitching are essential aspects of a garment’s construction. Unfortunately, they compromise the water and liquid protective properties of the fabric: seams and needle holes may be small, but they will still leak. That’s why they must be completely sealed.


For absolute waterproofness and liquid resistance, our products rely on Seam Tape for chemical splash protection. This unique tape, backed by reliable equipment and know-how, ensures that every seam and tiny stitch hole is sealed tight.


GORE TENARA® Sewing Thread

Sewing thread holds a garment together. It is therefore very important that the thread is unaffected by the chemical hazards the suit is exposed to. TENARA® Sewing Thread is made from PTFE which, like the membrane, is unaffected by acids, alkaline solutions and other chemicals. This means TENARA® Sewing Thread will continue to hold the suit together after multiple chemical exposures.


Garment design

Glanda’s Chemical Splash Suits are designed for maximum protection with many features like storm flap front closure, drain holes in pockets, non-pooling seams, double closure cuffs on the wrist and gusseted ankle cuffs.